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Phase I

Tawhiri will discuss and review your business and operational model and associated network infrastructure and technology. If we have completed a Digital Maturity Model with you, we have all the relevant background information. We would then schedule meetings with the appropriate Network Engineering and Operations Teams to get a clear picture of your current Network Infrastructure and Operations. We look to identify areas where we can provide an immediate return on investment, and next look at how your Infrastructure aligns with any planned changes to your Business and Operational Model. Critical

  • Review existing Network Services and provide recommendations on Digital Network Services
  • Identify opportunities to optimize customer engagement leveraging next-generation technologies
  • Provide feedback on required changes to Legacy Infrastructure to achieve objectives.
  • Review current contracts in place with vendors to identify issues or opportunities.
  • Talk with you Key Vendors to understand their support during the project.
  • Guide development of a customized roadmap that schedule and prioritize technology enhancements
  • Plan migration with a full definition of the migration processes and procedures
  • Plan for SDN,NFV and Automation to accelerate revenue and decrease cost.
  • Identify and Plan for Day Two Support Requirements
  • Create a risk mitigation plan

Phase II

The consultant will identify options for network enhancement and develop a set of recommendations. These recommendations will be based on the information gathered in Phase 1 and will address legacy and new Network Infrastructure and Services and provide a Network Strategy and Planning document for Executive Review. The document will include the following:

Executive Review

Review the capabilities of your future Network Infrastructure. The Network Design and Planning document will align with your business and operational model. The report will also identify all day one and day two costs associated with the required Hardware, Software, Professional Services, Maintenance and Training. A detailed project schedule provided as well. See Project Management Section for more detail.

We will also present different purchasing options if required, to align with capital or operating expense challenges. Lastly, we agree that the recommendations align with your business and operating model.

Engineering and Operations

In collaboration with Tawhiri and partners will develop a detailed Technical Document that supports the agreed to Business and Operational Model. The document will include topology, protocols, equipment and resources required to complete the project. Once finished we would look to build a Proof of Concept that will allow us to identify any issues and move toward agreement on Architecture and Design.

We will also present different purchasing options if required, to align with capital or operating expense challenges. Lastly, we agree that the recommendations align with your business and operating model.

Testing Service

Before implementation of a new network, Testing Service provides you with an opportunity to combine your knowledge of your network’s specific performance requirements. Tawhiri and partners can create a customized test environment that simulates your unique end-to-end deployment scenario. The value is that I will allow you to avoid the cost of building and operating a test lab, reduces your project risk, ensures a seamless implementation of new technology into your production environment, and accelerates your time to deployment. Additional Cost

Phase III

Project Kickoff

A final presentation will be conducted by you and your team. We will review recommended network enhancements and associated technology changes. The Network Architecture Review will present the alignment between Network Infrastructure and the Business and Operational Model.

Also, it is at this phase that we build the project schedule. This phase is very complex and involves input from the entire organization, vendors and partners. It is critical that we over communicate to ensure that we identify all activities, tasks, and resources required.

Once we have a finalized project plan we will present to the customer and get approval to move to the build phase.

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