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Telecom industry is experiencing increasing competitive pressure across their value spectrum. How the Telecom industry responds to this will be the deciding factor of their place in the digital ecosystem. The operators have to move in the direction of being more then network and connectivity. Undestanding the opportunities that digital transformation can provide will help identify where the operator can add value and differentiated services.

Business Model Innovation

It is no secret that ARPU, margin and casflow are in decline. Cloud Native companies with their advanced business and operational models have captured signficant legacy and future reveneue opportunities. The Telecom Industry needs to embrace digitazation but the current orthodoxies that exist within the telecom industry are a major obstacle. That is why Tawhiri approaches Business Model Innovations from a 30k Foot level. This allows a much clearer and unincumbered evaluation of the state of the industry. What will be evident is that Digitization enables telecom operators to rebuild their market value, improve the customer journey, and provide the means to compete in the digital economy.

EcoValue Modeling

The competitive landscape is driving change through out the Telecom Industry. Undestanding how web scale companies are redifining customer value is critical to reframing your value proposition. It has been a long held belief that customer churn and Average Revenue Per User are the backbone of any model. In the future, operators who redefine what value is will be competitive. Success will come from operators who stand their current model on its head and focus on a recombinations of products and services, existing in the market. It will no longer be a linear value chain but more interactive, with value originating from your ecosystem. This type of thinking requires a strong strong leadeship, nerve, and an understanding of What, Why, Who and How, in order to be successful..

Smart Infrastructure

Telecom infrastructure requires signficant capital and operating expense. So, it is critical that any changes to the infrastructure supports the new business and operational models. Tawhiri works with you to develop a design and architecture that will provide the scale, agility, flexibility and intelligence that will allow you to capture new digital revenue streams not available with legacy infrastructure .

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