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Network Lifecycle Management

Network Lifecycle

The telecom industry is rapidly changing giving rise to a new and challenging playing field for operators. Reduced profitability, an increasingly digitized world, a fundamental shift in customers’ behavior and new sources of competition are all putting pressure on the bottom line.

Transforming networks and technology is a must, not only for the survival of the operators but also to future-proof business models in a rapidly changing telecom industry. However, with most operators today, the starting position in technology and operations is indeed challenging: the speed of innovations is challenging to the point where a typical customer is unable to consume the amount of data presented. Also, the requirement for skillsets not available internally. Lastly, customers expect to have the same experience with your product or service as they have on Amazon.

Procurement of the hardware and software is a significant capital expense, but it occupies a brief part of the entire lifecycle. The planning, implementation and operations of the Infrastructure are critical to its success and consume the bulk of the time. There should be no surprise that when you look at costs at the end of the project; plan-build-operate will be a significant expense.The depth of skills and experience required, many organizations do not possess. Also, a number of the skillsets are not needed 24/7 365 so look to outsource those functions and pay as you go.

Tawhiri’s Infrastructure and Technology practice will provide resources for the three stages of the Network Lifecycle.

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