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Once you have developed your plans and you have agreed on the new high-level design, you have to implement it by acquiring and deploying the necessary hardware and software. Tawhiri can help accelerate the building process and increase the return on your investment from your new network design. Working with our team – including our partners – we deploy best practices and our experience and expertise with service provider networks.

The Build phase is where we deploy, and configure the hardware and software. Once deployed we begin end to end testing in both a non production and production environments. This includes the ability to test from with your legacy environment, and the integration into your new network. This is the phase in which you first deal with the specificities of the design and architecture you have chosen to implement. You need to bring in experts to ensure you get things right, but you also want to train your staff so you soon have in-house expertise.

The build phase is much more than a rack and stack project. In any project you need to make sure everyone understands the architecture and their role in the build. In this phase it is critical that there is over communication between the project management team and operations and engineering teams. This is also the time to turn up your test environment, that we built in the planning phase, testing will ensure that when the network is turned up , the network provides the services, reliability and customer experience expected.

Below is a description of our Project Management Services.

Project Management

Project Management

Tawhiri, Project Management Methodology, including both project and risk management practices, is a foundational element of our offering, helping service providers make a seamless migration to their new network.

Our methodology is a combination of Project Management Institute (PMI) and the knowledge and experience of Tawhiri and our Partners.

Our project management can be adapted to any project management methodology, such as Agile or other standards-based custom project management processes.

An integral part of our project management is risk management. Managing the level of project risk enables you to:

  • Communicate with Customers, Sales, Marketing and Operations
  • Eliminates Surprises
  • Increase your chances of overall project success

Planning and executing projects for Service Providers requires teamwork, Service Provider Network Experience, a robust ecosystem of partners, weekly Progress Reports, and most important, support from senior management. Also, our philosophy is to over communicate during a project, just in case the first message does not get through.

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