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Our Focus


We are focused on the Telecom Operators. With technological innovation and megatrends developing quickly and new competitors entering the market every day, companies have a difficult time consuming and acting on the relevant data. We understand you need to run the business; our focus is on providing the additional resources that will enable you to compete profitably and productively. The objective is to support you in identifying potential changes to your current business model that will provide for more efficient capture of digital revenue streams.

Our Approach


Our approach is on best practices that developed over the last 30 years in the Telecom Industry. Understanding your competitive environment and the challenges you experience is critical in assessing your digital maturity. The first question we ask is whether your current business model can support the new Digital Revenue Streams available. Typically, we recommend a going through a Busines Model Workshop. We would work with you to Design, Detail and Test some different business models to determine feasibility. Next, we analyze your operating model and provide recommendations on changes needed in support of your Digital Business Model. At the same time, we look for products or services that can deliver an immediate ROI. Typically, we can derive significant value in the areas of Automation, DevOps, Virtualized Services, cloud services, reduction in Customer Churn, etc.. Regardless of where we initially focus, our overall objective to position the organization and its people for successful competition in the digital environment. Having the ability to capitalize on M2M, IoT, Customer Data, 5G, and Smart City opportunities are critical for long-term relevance.

Our Knowledge

Our team consists of industry veterans. They come from the operator as well as the partner world. We strive for a diverse skill set amongst the group. We then harness the knowledge and shape the order to be able to provide a structured solution approach to a very complex project. We also realize that no one firm can provide all resources, that is why a healthy ecosystem is critical to delivering the products and services to our customers. One of the essential areas of our business model is the continued development of our ecosystem platform. This platform will allow for a free flow of ideas that provide additional value to our customers

Our Platform


There is inherent complexity in making any changes to your business and operational model. A robust ecosystem is critical to provide the many diverse products and services required. Our Ecosystem platform has a broad range of partners covering many disciplines. The advantage of the platform is that we deliver the right resources at the right time for the right price. The platform is built to allow for interaction amongst all the members of the team, including the customer to eliminate any potential issues and also identify any additional revenue opportunities. .

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