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Our Approach

Advisory Service

Executive Pause and Reflection on the current business and operating model. We focus on five main areas within the organizations; The Customer, The Strategy, The Culture, The Operations and The Technology. Utilizing a maturity model we look to provide an accurate representation of these five critical areas. The maturity model is business tool used to gauge the current status of the capabilities that exist within your company and help you to understand where these need to transform or improve.

Business Consulting Service

The impact that technology and innovation are having on the telecom industry is profound. Our objective is to develop a business model that will work for you in this period of chaos. Taking into consideration the maturity model, we begin to build a framework that identifies potential business models that would provide the highest value. Next, we create a strategy that addresses the significant revenue opportunities in the immediate future. Telco Cloud Services, Smart City, IoT, M2M, 5G, and Smart Home are an initial suite of services. We also engage with our ecosystem partners to provide additional perspective...

Service Creation Workshop

The Service Creation Workshop provides the opportunity to identify, design and tests new products and services.. The objective is to identify new areas of digital monetization that are supported by your digital business model. There will be a discussion around providing direct and indirect services to your customers and partners. In addition, we recommend that we engage our ecosystem platform to help identify new value through interaction. Also,we can discuss the feasibility of building or outsourcing a specific set of services. Our ROI Modeling tool will provide relevant customer data on the need, approach, benefits and competition around each service.

GTM Strategy

Developing a GTM Strategy built around your business model is critical for success. It is crucial that we align your Sales and Marketing efforts with the Corporate Strategy. Proper alignment is one of the most vital areas in determining success or failure.

Educating the customers, employees and partners of the new business model and providing them witthe resources and support is crucial. Interesting to note that over 70% of business model projects fail and 60% of them fail because of lack of strategy in addressing the organization culture. We develop a short term and long term strategy to drive the right behavior. We schedule town hall meetings to allow for free and open discussion.

There is also additional focus on your partner organization. Your business model has changed,and there are new partner relationships that need to be developed so that you may capitalize on potential opportunities.

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